Do you provide nutrition plans as well?

Yes, if you require help with nutrition as well as an exercise program that can be added. The idea is to make this as personal to you as possible, with the foods you enjoy and avoiding foods you dislike.

How much does it cost for online coaching?

There a couple of different prices, depending on what your training plan requires and what you need help with. This is why I offer a completly FREE consultation, via email or video chat. Allowing me to get a better understanding of your needs and goals, discovering the training program for you.

Can I pause or stop my coaching at anytime?

You can pause your coaching program at anytime. However, one months notice is needed for a complete cancellation. Although, under special circumstances an immediate cancellation is possible.

How much support will I get through this process?

You will have 24hrs, 7 days a week support through your training program. You can text or email at anytime of the week and you will get a response not later than one day. Weekly check ins are also part of the service to assess how you progressed through the week and aim to help if any problems occured, whether that is being unsure of an exercise or struggling for motivation.

Do I get access to the exercise and nutrition library if I sign up for online coaching?

Yes, you will get complete access to our exercise and nutrition library that will have a host a huge amount of content. A perfect way to help understand certain exercise movements and techniques. A nutrition library with healthy recipes allowing you to mix up what you ae eating on a daily basis.

I struggle with motivation, how will I be held accountable?

The weekly check in service I provide will help with this. You will be required to email, text or video over the work you have done at the end of the week. This could be the weights you have lifted, how many reps completed in an AMRAP workout, time of completion for a HIIT workout or a nutrition diary.

Do I need a personal trainer?

The chances are if you are on this page, then probably you are looking for some gudiance in best practice for exercise. A personal trainer, is there to give you a plan to follow, help motivate and provide you with knowledge on how to achieve your goal.

Can I sign up to just the exercise channel?

Yes, for access to the nutrition and exercise channel you can subscribe to the pages for monthly fee of £5. Which includes a trial period and cancellation anytime.